Dark Eden Review

Seven 15-year-olds with crippling fears are sent  the middle of nowhere for a cure with a somewhat evil stranger whereupon they encounter weirdness.  At first the cure appears to be immersion therapy, but it isn’t until the very end you find out the strange paranormal twist about the whole process. The main characters are Will and Marissa.  Will hasn’t left his house in years and his parents with the help of his therapist send him to Fort Eden in order to cure him. Marissa is the only one Will communicates with through out the first part of the book since he has escape and is trying to avoid the cure.

I felt that we could have used a little more background information on the characters, but I liked Will. He seemed like a believable character, smart and clever. Carman did an excellent job putting together the common fears of most teenagers in a spooky setting. There is also an app for your smart phone that should be available. I haven’t tried it, but I have heard that it greatly enhances the book and if you plan on reading the book, a visit to the website  is a must!






Grow Your Blog Party!

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Hi! My name is Sonia, and I’m an avid reader, knitter, and crocheter. When I started this blog, I posted a few things, then forgot all about it, but after my husband’s death, I started to post more regularly. I found the blog to be a good outlet for my feelings, plus I like to show off my work.


I love all things yarn, so I do a fair bit of crocheting and knitting, although after I finished my Groovyghan and Bumpy’s blanket this summer, I went through a yarn slump and haven’t picked up the needles or the hook in months! I know, sad, right? But I find that I go through spurts of yarn creativity, so hopefully I’ll find a project to inspire me soon.

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Although I love reading most genres, I read mostly YA, usually dystopian or sci-fi, but I am also a hopeless romantic, so I read romance, too. I review the books I like, and sometimes I’ll post book blasts or book tours.


Sometimes I write about food and TV. I LOVE, LOVE Doctor Who, but lately, I’ve been watching Korean Dramas, and I’ve really come to enjoy the culture and music. For a rundown on why go here.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you do, please follow it. I love to read comments, so please, let me know if you have questions or if you liked something I wrote.




This is how I go out?!

I had a phone call from a family member earlier who needed a little help, so I rushed out of the house after pulling on jeans but leaving on my pajama top. I threw on a coat and pulled my hair into a messy half-pony tail, but I’ve never been able to pull that look off. Once out, my right blinker light went out again. It happens every three months or so, and usually my mechanic friend jiggles it back into working order. So I made a quick stop at his shop after getting him a vanilla latte for his troubles. Then I got home and saw what I looked like. I cannot believe I went out looking like that. *sigh*  When did I become this person? I made 4 stops on this little adventure looking like that!

Have you ever left the house looking like a mess? Do you brush it off or do you panic the entire time like I did?