Doctor Who Funny


I’m forgiving the abbreviation of doctor, but just this once because this is pretty cute.



Shhh! Spoilers!



With Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary only weeks away, it’s been difficult to avoid any spoilers. I’ve had to scroll down my Facebook feed quickly to avoid accidentally reading anything that might ruin “The Day of The Doctor” for me. Some of the posts on my news feed have highlights and trailers and although I’m dying to see the episode, I really, really don’t want to ruin my fun before they air it.

What about you? Are you reading every tidbit you can find? Have you watched the trailers? Or are you avoiding them like me?


Ninth Doctor


I was watching the Ninth Doctor special in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary when I heard the Doctor say this. It struck me as both funny and sad at the same time since it’s when they’re facing the Daleks and all seems lost, yet the Doctor doesn’t back down, and he says this in a cheeky way. I wish Christopher Eccleston’s run as the Doctor had run a little longer, and it took me a while to like David Tennant, just as it took me a while to warm up to Matt Smith.

Can all the Doctors be your favorite?