About Me

A year ago, writing the “About Me” page would have been easy. I was married to a wonderful man and teaching at a private school. But now, I’m a widow and jobless. It’s hard to define myself when I’m adjusting to my new circumstances.

IMG_0268 wtr mrk

I love all things yarn: crocheting and knitting are passions of mine. I’ve just finished a sampler blanket using various crochet motifs and color play. Here’s one of the blocks:

larksfoot watermarked

I love reading. When I was in second grade, my class took a trip to the school library, and I was allowed to bring a book home. I still remember choosing a now-out-of-print Tom’s Green Thumb. The book had no pictures, and I was hooked. I made good use of my library card then, and I make good use of it now. I love reading YA, dystopian fiction, but crime thrillers and romance novels are also fun. Check out my Goodreads page.

My mother and sisters are good cooks, and I’ve inherited the “let’s-throw-things-into-a-pot-and-see-what-happens” spirit. My husband loved my cooking and praised it to all our friends. It was hard to get back into the kitchen after his death, but now, I’m venturing into Korean flavors. I recently discovered that Brussels sprouts are good.


dr crochet

Oh, and I’m a big fan of Doctor Who. Isn’t Matt Smith quirky cute?



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