Books by e. lockhart

real live boyfriendsHave you read any of e. lockhart’s novels about Ruby Oliver, the angst-ridden teenager with boy troubles? If not, you should. And you should read them in order since you’ll only get the full impact if you do so.

I recently finished the last installment in the Ruby Oliver saga, and it was awesome. I had to keep myself from underlining parts since this is a library book and librarians frown on that sort of thing. But the book is filled with quotes that made me want to jot them down for future reference.

Unfortunately, I didn’t jot down the quotes, which means I’ll have to read the book again in order to make note of them. Not that it’ll be a hardship. I enjoyed the book that much. And it’s a fast read.

Seriously, if you’ve never read any of e. lockhart’s books, you should pick one up TODAY! They’re witty, and funny, and well-written. The characters are relateable, Ruby Oliver, especially, is so flawed, she’s perfect.

I really enjoyed Dramarama, Fly on the Wall, and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks. I think I’ve read all her books, and I’m anxiously awaiting any new material. So please, e., if you happen to read my blog, please write more wonderful books for me to read.

Go to your local bookstore or library now!

Have you read any of of e. lockhart’s books? Which ones did you read and what did you think?

fly on the wall



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