Am I a Secret Hoarder?!

So there’s a possibility that I will move across the country this year. To that end, I have to start paring down my belongings, but honestly, I’ve been overwhelmed by the task. There’s so much STUFF!

I inherited my father-in-law’s things, as well as my late husband’s. Pile that on top of the things I can’t bear (bare?!) to throw out.

Just now, I finally (FINALLY!!!) got rid of term papers from grad school. Keep in mind that I graduated grad school in 1999. Yeah…I’ve kept term papers for over 14 years. WHAT?! I never looked at them again, and to tell you the truth, even when I was teaching, I never referred to them. So why did I hang on to them for that long? I moved 4 times since 1999. That means I moved boxes of grad school papers and books 4 times. CRAZY!

I’ve always been a bit of a pack rat. It started when my mother easily got rid of my things. I remember having a drawer of my own when I was a kid. I kept everything I thought was important. It got so heavy that the bottom fell out. Ha.

So now, I have to be more ruthless regarding what I keep and why. Sentimentality only makes things worse. Sometimes I wonder if I should have a friend come and get rid of things for me. After all, I’m the one who’s attached to things. But I’m not brave enough to do that.

Sigh. I know I don’t need most of what I own. Now if only I could get rid of it (them?) Why am I having trouble with my sentence structure right now?!

How about you? Do you tend to keep things? Or is it easy for you to get rid of stuff?


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