Blah! I have been in a slump lately.


Whereas I normally devour books, reading more than one a week, I have the same books checked out from the library for over a month. I have renewed the check out four times! Four times! These books are ones I’d been dying to read, sequels and third books in a series . . . yet they’ve been sitting in the same spot week after week.

There are knitting and crochet projects on the needles and hooks, but I don’t feel drawn to finish any of them. I don’t even feel like starting a new project. My friend gave me several skeins of confetti cotton yarn, two really pretty hot pink with flecks of other colors and five of white with the same flecks in them, but I have no ideas and no desire.

I want to learn Korean, but day after day, I bypass the Korean Word of The Day email, lumping them in the Korean folder.


Do you ever go through periods like this? Nothing seems interesting and you feel like doing nothing?


To cheer myself up I’m posting Hyun Bin one more time.


That makes me feel marginally better.



4 thoughts on “Uninspired

  1. Oh Sonia, your not alone by any means so don’t beat yourself up too much. I was on a reading kick summer of last year, and a couple of times I finished one book and half way into another and to finish the next morning…then all of a sudden, I stopped reading. I was that way with writing too….I wrote an awesome Halloween story and got tons of compliments, then one person said something negative, and it was over for me. So we all go through things. Something is on your mind….it is how I get and it becomes over whelming. You will snap out of it, I promise. Treat yourself well, and look at the cute picture a few more times, that will perk you right up. He is adorable! Hugs, Sandy

    • Thanks Sandy. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. Unfortunately, being uninspired also means that the blog suffers a bit. Argh! Maybe I’ll just have to keep posting pictures of cute Korean actors 😉

      • Lol!! You may draw in a crowd! It is nice to be able to blog everyday, something…..however, having a blog doesn’t mean anyone has to do that everyday. When you feel like it, you will! I wouldn’t worry about it much, we all go through it. It is sortof like being on a nice long vacation! I would look at it that way. Sandy

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