Aww! I am so touched!

So, I’ve been blogging for a while now, and not all of my posts have comments on them, so when someone comments, I’m happy, but imagine what I felt when I saw that Sanderella’s Crochet has my blog as one of the creative spirits she admires!

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Yup! Someone likes me! Yay!!

After I calmed myself down, I checked out Sanderella’s work, and she’s got some awesomely inspirational crochet herself. Go check her out!



6 thoughts on “Aww! I am so touched!

  1. Aw…Sonia! Thank you so much! Your an angel. I love your blog! I will ask you a question though….when you want to put a link in a blog post without the whole link showing up….how do I do that? I tried and tried tonight and can’t figure it out! Lol….I am not kidding! Thanks so much in advance for your help. Your new friend, Sandy

      • Oh good, I will go over there tomorrow….My question was when your writing a post and say for instance you say….you can find this information ‘here’….and they click on it and it takes them to the page….how to do that. Like on your post just my blog name showed up not…..all of that didn’t show up….know what I mean?

      • Oh, ok. So first get the link to the post you want to refer to. Usually if you click on the title, it will take you straight to the post. Then when you are writing a new post, highlight the word you want to link, and click on the icon that looks like a paperclip. It will have a place on top for you to paste the link. Then you name it. I try to click the “open in new window” box. See if that works.

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