Fast Feedback

Ok, so what’s been on my mind lately will probably not be new to you, but it’s been a revelation of sorts for me. I guess I never realized just how many authors use Facebook to keep in touch with their readers, but in the past month or so, I’ve been able to post a comment on several authors’ pages and gotten a response the same day. That just blows my mind! I guess because as a child, I remember sending a fan letter to an actor and getting back a black and white copy of a picture and a form letter, which took weeks to get to me. So I didn’t expect any kind of response when I posted on FB, but lo and behold! They both answered and somehow I feel like I know them. Ha!

I’m “friends” with real-live authors whose works I enjoy! Yay me!

Do you “friend” authors on FB? Do you post on their pages?




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