This is how I go out?!

I had a phone call from a family member earlier who needed a little help, so I rushed out of the house after pulling on jeans but leaving on my pajama top. I threw on a coat and pulled my hair into a messy half-pony tail, but I’ve never been able to pull that look off. Once out, my right blinker light went out again. It happens every three months or so, and usually my mechanic friend jiggles it back into working order. So I made a quick stop at his shop after getting him a vanilla latte for his troubles. Then I got home and saw what I looked like. I cannot believe I went out looking like that. *sigh*  When did I become this person? I made 4 stops on this little adventure looking like that!

Have you ever left the house looking like a mess? Do you brush it off or do you panic the entire time like I did?



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