Day of the Doctor – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

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Dear readers,

Don’t hate me for what I am about to tell you. 1) I had an opportunity to attend the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special showing in San Francisco this weekend. 2) I did not go.

My friend had an extra ticket and thought of me. I was excited of course, until I realized that I had a previous commitment scheduled at 12:15 pm, and there was obviously not enough time to do both. I had to honor the first commitment. Otherwise, who am I without my word?

So, I turned it down. But then. . .

I got sick. So I didn’t even honor my first commitment.


That said, I did watch all the extras associated with the 50th Anniversary. I watched the pre-show (who were those people, anyway? And who told them they’d be good enough to host? Their jokes fell flat, and they were so nervous with the swinging back and forth on those chairs.)

I loved the well-wishers, from Nichelle Nichols (original Star Trek’s Uhura) to Nathan Fillion to Arthur Darville’s “I’ve been waiting 2000 years to say that.”

I watched the movie on the making of Doctor Who. Seeing Matt Smith just before the first regeneration made me cry a little.

I watched several episodes of the show (BBC America had a week-long marathon). I also watched some of the specials like the Science of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Explained.


And then I watched The Day of The Doctor. I read several reviews afterwards, and some people are too picky. I loved the story. I loved the interaction between Matt Smith and David Tennant. I loved John Hurt. The only performance I did not like was Billie Piper’s portrayal of The Moment. I don’t know why exactly.

I loved the questions answered like what happened between the Doctor and Queen Elizabeth I. I liked seeing references to Doctor Who lore, even if I didn’t get them all.

All in all, I think it was worth the wait. And as always, I DVR’d the episode and will be revisiting it. I’m both dreading the leaving of Matt Smith and the arrival of Peter Capaldi.

Did you watch? What were your thoughts?



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