Cookie Crumbles

So I’m laying on the couch reading a new book, Lauren Barnholdt’s Two Way Street, when I feel something fall out of the page. I strongly suspect whoever had this book before me (it’s a library book) was eating snickerdoodles, which upsets me because 1) there are cookie crumbs inside the book! and 2) now I want snickerdoodles. Sigh.


This brings me to some very important questions:

How should library books be treated? Is it OK to eat food while reading one, perhaps leaving crumbs inside a book or coffee drips or chocolate smudges?

Is it OK to fold the corners instead of using a bookmark?

Should you break the spine or gingerly open it while reading it?

I love being the first one to read a library book, but there’s also something to be said for reading one that many others have loved before me.

Finding cookie crumbs inside the book, though, NOT ACCEPTABLE!




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