Cold and Flu Bomb – Essential Oils

coldflubomb mine

I originally found this recipe on Camp Wander and used it this past week when I started to feel like a cold was coming on. If you are taking the EOs in a gel cap, make sure you drink plenty of water. I found that the combination of these oils really reinforced my immune system, and I did not get sick!

What do these oils do?

Oregano – Nature’s strongest Antibiotic
Melaleuca – Proven to fight, bacteria, virus and fungi (remember Melaleuca is another name for tea tree oil)
Shield – Spark Naturals proprietary blend created to support healthy immune function. Kills bacteria, mold and virus.

You can buy all three oils in a Cold and Flu Bomb kit from Spark Naturals for $24.99. You get one 5 ml bottle of each oil and a roller bottle conveniently packed in a tin container.  Go get yours today! And remember to use coupon code: mightyknitchick for 10% off your purchase.

BTW, did you notice that I totally forgot to put the “www” in front of my blog address in the picture above? oops! Fortunately, you know how to reach me!



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