Read or Listen?

consume book

Do you like to listen to a recording of your favorite book? Perhaps as you drive to work or as you exercise? audiobooks_color

Or do you prefer to read? And if you read,  do you do it on an e-reader, a Kindle, or an iPad?

Do you like to hold a hardback copy in your hands, feeling the paper between your fingers as you turn the pages? Do you like to sniff the paper?

I find myself downloading free e-books on my Kindle app and audio books on Overdrive and Audible, but for the most part, I love holding a hardback book in my hands. I like to feel the weight of it, to smell the pages, and to see the words in print. I like that I can easily flip the pages and find passages I liked specially if I didn’t mark them. pandigital-novel-multimedia-ereader

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I like to listen to a book. I usually borrow them from my local library, but a month ago, I was the recipient of six Audible credits, which meant I could get six books for free, books which I could keep. Yay!

I used to buy my books at second-hand stores, garage sales, and book stores. But recently, I’ve been making good use of my library card. I love walking into one of my local libraries (I live within driving distance of 6 six!) and walking out with a bag full of books.

What about you? What’s your favorite way to enjoy books?




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