The Sonia List

A few months ago, I was cleaning out my late husband’s truck, getting it read for sale, when I found a handwritten list titled “The Sonia List.” It was a list of gift ideas for me. Although our anniversary is at the beginning of the year, my husband always began his shopping during November, and for the next few months, I’d get one package  after another, so that by the day of our anniversary I’d received all the gifts. Some of the gifts would be goofy, like the tongue scraper; others would be practical, like the pajamas, and still, other gifts were romantic, like the two heart necklace I got our last anniversary.


This is the list I found:

1. Haircut and color

2. Massage or spa day @ the expensive place with the saunas

3. A day trip or an over-nighter

4. Clothes (jeans, sweaters, and pj’s)

5. Glasses

6. Washer and dryer combo

I admit I cried when I saw the list because it reminded me how much my husband cared about my needs (and wants). Even though he also needed clothes and new glasses, he put my  needs first. How I miss that man!




2 thoughts on “The Sonia List

    • He really was! He always had a list like that going and most every year I’d get him one present while he gave me several.

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