Surviving Survivor

I’ve been a Survivor fan for a long time despite my inability to run, jump, or swim. From the comfort of my own couch, I find a thrill, an excitement to watch athletic people do what they need to complete challenges. Except this year, for some reason, I’m not enjoying the season as I had in the past. I don’t know if it’s all the returning players (although I have to admit I was soooooo glad when Colton decided to quit) or if it’s the Blood vs Water theme. But even though I faithfully record the show every Wednesday (I like to fast forward the commercials), I find myself not actually watching, but focusing on my whatever’s on my laptop at the moment. I yearn for a thrilling season and some good players.


I love the energetic players who can do anything like Oscar ‘Ozzy’ Lusth (is he part fish, part monkey, and part man?), Jane Bright (remember how agile she was and her fishing skills?),  and Stephanie LaGrossa  who was the only one left on her tribe. A fearless player she was. I miss how Rob Mariano used cunning and charm to get his way. Boy could he charm people, but it wasn’t just the charm, the boy had skills, and he was cute.  I miss Malcom Freberg’s hair as well as his athleticism (although he has a blog which he updates semi-regularly, and it’s funny, so I can always get my Malcolm fix. Find it here.)

But this season? Except for John Cody, Candice’s husband, I’m not really rooting for anyone. I haven’t even bothered to learn the names of some of the players this time around. I miss watching the show with my husband. He loved how devious and strategic Russell Hantz played. We would sit on the couch together, my feet on his lap, as we watched our favorites compete. Sometimes I find myself making comments I know he’d make, but honestly it’s not the same. How could it be?

Somehow I still cling on as  a fan, but I’m not sure I’ll be clinging on for much longer. What about you? Are you enjoying Survivor this season? Who’s your favorite player? Feel free to comment.



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