Things That Annoyed Me Last Week


1. Laptop Problems: I’ll start this list with the most annoying thing that happened last week: My laptop died. Well, actually, I was so distracted one night that I accidentally downloaded something that made it slow down and messed with my browser, so I took the laptop to the Geek Squad at Best Buy only to find out that the hard drive is corrupted and has to be replaced, but since I was dumb enough not to back up my laptop before taking it to Best Buy, I lost everything I had. Yeah. That was annoying. And because of the laptop dying, I didn’t get to post my Top Ten Tuesday list.

2. Oblivious Parents: There was a woman in the parking lot of Target last week that allowed her toddler to run wild as I turned into the lot. My car was coming right for them (I was driving slow, but still) and the woman never took the child’s hand to get him out of my way. Seriously! What’s wrong with people? A two-year-old running wild anywhere is dangerous! If I had been driving faster or if I hadn’t spotted them, I could have . . . well, I don’t even want to think about it!

3. Dumb Cashiers: The young guy working as a cashier at Target not only did not know how to bag my purchases (food in one bag, household cleaning products in another, and fold the clothes!) but he charged me for bags when I brought my own! I brought my own bags and he charged me for 3 bags. Of course I didn’t see the charge until I got home, and at 10 cents a bag it’s not a big deal only it is a big deal if you figure how many people are being charged for bags they didn’t purchase.

4. Unsafe Drivers: As I turned into the street, I slowed a little and good thing I did, too, because this little old man in his tank of a car shot out of his drive way so fast that we would have collided if I hadn’t!

5. Back to the laptops: I had four, count them, four back-up laptops, but every single one of them has a problem. *sigh*  One of them was held together with tape, the second one had a blue screen, the third one heats up so fast and then turns itself off.  I’ve had to throw out 2 of them, I haven’t decided about replacing the hard drive on the newest one.

So that’s my list of annoying thing I had to deal with last week. I hope your week was better than mine.



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