James Wolk–More Than A Pretty Face

Are you familiar with James Wolk? He’s the 28 year-old co-star of Robin Williams in The Crazy Ones, the new comedy about advertising. I’ll admit that I was reluctant to watch the show because although I like Robin Williams, his crazy can get on my nerves. However, after watching the pilot episode, specifically watching James Wolk keep up with Robin Williams’ crazy, I was hooked. James+Wolk+2010+Summer+TCA+Tour+Day+6+J204b4ow0r9l

James Wolk, a hottie for sure, has great comedic timing, and he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. It’s the perfect combination of good looks and sense of humor. He can also handle drama well. In the second episode, he’s a little heartbroken when Simon pays Andrew more attention, and it’s emotional. Well, this is a comedy, so the sadness doesn’t last long, but the scene when Andrew tells Zach that he’s experiencing jealousy, and Zach’s eyes go teary, it made me pout for him.

So while some are watching The Crazy Ones because of Robin Williams, and others are watching because of Sarah Michelle Geller, I’m watching because of James Wolk.





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