Essential Oils and You

complete book of essential oils

About thirteen years ago,  I joined one of those book clubs where you got five books for the price of one. One of my choices was The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Immediately, I looked up the most used essential oils and headed to my local health food store. This was back in Texas and before the health food craze, so the oils were a bit expensive, but I found that most of the recipes used the same three oils: tea tree or melaleuca, lavender, and eucalyptus. I started using the oils mostly for headaches or minor cuts, but as the years went by, I started to expand my collection of essential oils.

Recently, I found a wonderful resource: Camp Wander, a blog explaining the uses of essential oils and full of many recipes. Since then, I’ve learned that some essential oils can be used internally. In order to use essential oils internally, you have to be extremely careful as to the brand. Most companies will put a disclaimer on their bottles saying Not Safe For Internal Use; however, one company, Spark Naturals, actually processes their oils in such a way as to be safe if used internally.

I used to suffer from allergies as a young girl, but when I moved across the country, I found that my allergies suddenly disappeared. I was so happy about that until about a year ago or so, when I realized I’d acquired a sensitivity to certain plants and grasses here. Well, I could try going back on allergy pills, but some make me sleepy while others don’t work.

I decided to try Rebecca’s allergy recipe from Camp Wander. The recipe calls for 3 drops of lavender, 3 drops of lemon, and 3 drops of peppermint. You can mix them together with a little coconut oil and put the mixture on the soles of your feet or you can put the drops in a gelatin capsule and take internally. However, you have to be sure to use pure oils only.

When I remember to take the EO’s, my allergies are manageable. It doesn’t take too long for me to feel relief. I’ve been praising them to anyone who will listen.

For a list of recipes you can download go here. Jillee (of One Good Thing By Jillee) is Rebecca’s sister, and her blog is full of household tips, most which use essential oils.

These two sites are my go-to places for tips and hints. Go check them out.



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