Bumpy’s Blankie

My friend is having her first baby after many years of heartache, and I was so excited for her that I decided to crochet his first blankie. She’s nicknamed him Bumpy, so I’ve decided to call this Bumpy’s Blankie.

2013-07-13 BB

Inspired by little woolie’s Mixed Stitch Blanket, and using the yarn I got from Deramores,  I created my own. I started with a granny stripe. I have to say that this blanket is for a little boy, but I felt the need to break up the blues and greens with the red/pinks. I think it looks good, no?

Chain 150 stitches.

1 row of dc.

1 row granny stripe. Then using the nine colors I chose, I did two rows each of the granny stripe, with the last row being all dc.

BB granny

Then I flipped the blanket over, and using the second color on the starting chain, I sc loosely across the row. Cut yarn, but do not turn work. Using new color, sc across.

BB single crochet

Notice that the sides seem to not add up, but when I counted my stitches, I had 150. This seemingly wonky side will be fixed when I block the blanket.

Next, I flipped the blanket over and did 1 row of sc, then 1 row of *dc 4, then front post double crochet. Repeat from * to the end. Repeat these two rows alternating color 3 times.

2013-07-13 bb1


Next, I used the Wave and Chevron Stitch I found on little woolie’s blog. I couldn’t read the pattern instructions from the picture in her blog, but I could see the chart very well. I just followed it.  Below is row 1 of the pattern.

2013-06-04 20.39.05

The sc 3tog part:
BB Wave & Cheveron Collage

The Wave and Chevron Stitch is bordered by a a row of sc in yellow. The next bit is something I found online also, but I didn’t keep track of where I found it.

Row 1 – dc.

Row 2 – ch 4, *skip next 2 st, dc 4 in next dc, ch 1, sk next 2 st, dc, ch 1. Repeat from *

Row 3 – ch 5, *dc 4 tog, ch 2, dc. Repeat

Rows 4 and 5 – dc with different color.



Next, I echoed the preceding patterns and ended with Crochet Geek’s Crochet Cluster V Stitch.  I put a dc border all around the blanket.

The yarn used: Stylecraft Special DK in the following colors: aster, pomegranate, saffron, turquoise, aspen, fondant, cloud blue, meadow, and sherbet.

What do you think? Think Bumpy will like it?

Now, if only I could get myself to the post office and mail it!





7 thoughts on “Bumpy’s Blankie

    • Aw! Thanks! I didn’t quite use an entire skein of each of the colors. I had a bit left over of each. I had a lot of yellow left over because I didn’t use it quite as much, and I tried to use all the green. But seriously, start off with one skein of each color. And let me know when you’re done. I’d love to see your end product 😉

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun making. I just picked stitches I wanted to try and changed colors whenever I felt like it. You should give it a try!

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