Too Many Books?

too many books

I took this picture last week, after I came home from the library with 17 books I had borrowed. Seventeen books! I had planned to write a post about my lack of self-control when it comes to books, but then I got busy and didn’t write the post. Then, today, I read Anya’s post on On Starships and Dragonwings regarding her book hoarding and realized that I am not alone! I also realized I had never written the post, so here goes.

I used to have a book-buying addiction in college. I lived at thrift stores, Half-Price Books, and garage sales. Since moving, I’ve had to pare down my collection and quit adding to it. But I’ve always loved my local library, and I love to use my library card. So every week or two, I go there, always carrying a big canvas bag  and come home with at least seven books. Except this last library visit, I came home with the most books I’ve ever checked out at once. Seventeen books! I kept waiting for the librarians to stop me and tell me I couldn’t take so many.

Anya mentioned that getting so many books satisfied her hoarding instinct, and I guess it satisfies mine also. Even though I know I can always come back for a book, I always feel like I’ll be missing out if I don’t take it with me, even if I already have plenty of books in my bag. I’m really glad my library has a courtesy pre-overdue book email they send out because if I haven’t read all the books by the time they are due, then I can renew them.

So far, I’ve already read (and returned!):

readbksBeautiful Malice
Mila 2.0
Sketchy Behavior
The Edumacation of Jay Baker

Reviews for these books will be coming shortly.

I returned but didn’t finish Dead Cat Bounce.

I’m currently reading Dead End in Norvelt.

What about you? Do you make use of your library card as much as I do? Do you exercise self-control and borrow only one or two books at a time?



4 thoughts on “Too Many Books?

  1. Thanks for the link 😀 I actually asked the librarians before I started checking out how many books I could check out at a time because I was sure I had gone over my limit. They said the limit is somewhere close to 40, so I was probably fine, haha. I hope I will never have to worry about that limit, since that would be more than my usual level of ridiculous!

    • Oh, no! You probably shouldn’t have told me the limit was somewhere close to 40! I may not be able to help myself!

  2. I actually work for a library. Our system allows 50 items. I have a card. Both Children have cards. Hubby has a card too! This is dangerous! My family has the same book hoarding instincts that I do and so at any given time between all four cards we usually have at least 100 items sitting at home, actively being used or not! YIKES!!!!

    Glad to know it’s not just me!

    • See? That’s what I love about libraries! They have a great selection of things you can take home for a couple of weeks, giving plenty to choose from once you’re home.

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