Postal Delivery Fail

postal letter

I found this when I picked up my mail today. It was an empty box inside a plastic envelope with the letter from the Postal Office. They regret the damage to my mail and hope it didn’t inconvenience me. Well, what do you think, Post Office People? I got an empty box! Not only was the box empty, but it was a prize for filling out a questionnaire so I don’t think the company will replace it. *sigh*

How would you handle this? Would you complain to the post office or try to get the company who sent the package to replace it?



2 thoughts on “Postal Delivery Fail

  1. I would definitely file a compliant with the post office first. They won’t get your item back to you but I feel it is important to leave feedback with them. I would try emailing the company that the prize was from. They might send you a replacement if they have extras.

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