If you could have any job in the world, which job would you want?

As a child, I thought being a hairdresser was the most wonderful job imaginable! When I was five, I hid behind my mother’s dresser with a pair of scissors. Yeah, you can figure out what happened, right? I took a handful of hair, and making a fist, keeping it close to my scalp, I cut off whatever was not in the fist. The result was a very short hair cut and a very angry father. Fortunately, there are no pictures of the ordeal.

In high school, I took cosmetology classes and got my license but after working at a salon for a year, I realized that was not the glamorous job I imagined, so I went to college.


I thought teaching would be a great job, and it was, but it was also very wearing on me. The often obnoxious but not supportive parents, the administration and testing, those things took away from the quality time spent with students, and although I enjoyed the kids, teaching lost its enchantment.

So now, what would I be my dream job?

I’d love to be paid for enjoying my hobbies: knitting, crocheting, reading . . .oh, if only someone would pay me to do those things!



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