May 22, 2013 #Challengetowrite

What is your favorite quote  and why?


I’ve always been partial to the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest-serving First Lady of the United States. She was a feisty lady for sure. Her childhood was difficult as she lost her parents and one brother at an early age. She often felt like an ugly duckling. Later, her married life was just as difficult since her mother-in-law not only opposed her marriage, but also interfered in it, running Eleanor’s household as her own. Perhaps because of these difficulties, Eleanor became an outspoken First Lady. She refused to let anyone make her feel inferior.

I’ve heard it said that one’s feelings come from one’s thoughts, and this quote nails it on the head. If you allow someone to make you think you are inferior, then you will feel inferior, then you will be inferior.

Many battle low self-esteem, and I’m no stranger to it myself. So although this is one of my favorite quotes, I haven’t always followed its advice. But it’s a good reminder. Tell yourself you are good enough, and you’ll feel good enough.

You’ve seen this video before, but I think Jessica’s Daily Affirmations are also a good reminder:


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