A Jamie Drive

De Young Museum

De Young Museum

My late husband and I used to take long, meandering drives. It didn’t matter the time or weather; we would jump in his truck and head west or turn right. We didn’t  make plans; we just drove. One time, on our first anniversary, we got in the truck and drove across the bay to Hayward, then we went north to Davis, and by eight p. m. we were in Reno, where we decided to check into the Silver Legacy Resort Casino for the night. Imagine, we checked in with no luggage! But it was a truly great trip, just the two of us on a drive.

Since he died, I’ve taken a few Jamie drives, as I like to call them. Last week, after a morning appointment, I didn’t feel like going home, so I drove. I took HWY 101 to HWY 380 to HWY 280 to the Golden Gate Park, where I quickly decided to  check out the California Academy of Science.

field trip

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it turns out that day was Homeschool day at the California Academy of Sciences, which happens once a year. (But check their website to make sure.)

“Homeschool admission for all families outside of San Francisco is only $6.95 for all children (ages 4-17) and up to two adults. San Francisco homeschool children (ages 4-17) and up to two adults can attend for free. Reserved Programs require an additional fee.” That’s a great deal considering that I paid $29.95 for my ticket!

If you’ve never been, the California Academy of Sciences is an aquarium, planetarium  and natural history museum under one roof.

Upon entering, I encountered the Rain forests of the World, a four-story domed exhibit, “where dripping water sets the beat for a symphony of croaking frogs and chirping birds.”


Blue and gold macaw


I just love this leaf!



      I didn’t use the zoom lens. I was really that close!



The Rain forest exhibit exits in the aquarium. There’s a discovery tide pool where you can touch sea stars, which I did. The water was freezing cold, and the sea stars themselves were hard.


Discovery tide pool

After my tour, which included a turn in the earthquake house and a walk to the roof to see the living roof, I got back in my car and drove to the Golden Gate Bridge. I originally meant to go to the Presidio, but I took a wrong turn, or went too far, or something. It didn’t matter that I missed the turn and had to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito only to turn back. I had a great time.



Have you ever taken a drive that leads you to a great discovery? Leave me a comment; I’d love to hear your stories.


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