From Scarf to Stole

One of my favorite things about Knit Picks is their samplers and kits, which often include free patterns. One kit I bought included Knit Picks Shine Sport in the leapfrog colorway. The yarn is soft and easy to knit.

falling leaves watermarked

I used this yarn and Jimmy Bean’s pattern  to make a scarf, but once I started using the Knit Picks yarn, I realized I LOVED it and needed to make the scarf into a stole. So, I looked in my pattern book The Arco Guide to Knitting Stitches for the stitch and made some adjustments to create my Falling Leaves Stole. And I also ordered a few more skeins.

I cast on 93 stitches plus a border of 3 stitches on each side. I knit until I thought the stole was long enough before binding off.

I also added a single crochet border around the entire thing. It took me a long time to block it. I even wore it without blocking for a while, but the edges would curl up. Last week, I just blocked the project and the result was amazing. I was able to really stretch the yarn overs.

IMG_0432 wtrmrked

Unfortunately, every time I take a picture, the color of the yarn looks different, but let me tell you that it is a lovely shade of green, and I’ve worn this with different outfits. It’s perfect for spring weather.


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