Help for Bibliophiliacs


In my last post, I confessed my affliction with bibliophilia. In this post, I’m sharing a cure. Well, maybe not a cure, but certainty a way to manage symptoms. Need a good book? Don’t have the time to sit and read?

Introducing SYNC, a website which offers free Young Adult and Classic audiobook downloads. Starting on May 30, 2013 through August 24, 2013, subscribers (it’s free) will be able to download two titles a week. For example, on May 30th, you can download The Tempest and Of Poseidon.


On July 4th, you can get She Stoops to Conquer and Carter Finally Gets It. For a complete list, click here.


I’ve signed up for email updates because I don’t want to miss a title. I’ve read some of the selections before, but there’s something engaging about listening to an audio book. So, hurry over to the SYNC website and sign up. You don’t want to be left behind.


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