Lotus Blossom

One of the things I love about crochet is how easy it is to modify a pattern. You can add rows to make something bigger or delete rows to make it smaller. For example, as I was putting together my groovyghan, I realized that some of the panels were longer than others. What to do?

Hmmm… improvise and fill in the gaps. I used several of the blocks from the  Chain Reaction Afghan Project, which are all approximately 12″ x 12″. I decided to use the Lotus Blossom block by Robyn Chachula. Here’s her original block:

Lotus Blossom by Robyn Chachula


Starting with Vanna’s Choice in Terracotta, I did the first two rows, then I switched to the Rose and did row 3. It uses treble crochet, which is why it looks like I did more than one row. Then I switched to the Dusty Blue when joining.


lotus blossom watermarked


To join, I chained 5, single crochet all around the first block. On each subsequent block, I chained 2, slip stitched into the chain 5 of the previous block, chain 2 then single crochet.

For a video tutorial of this method, check out Chain 5 Join Method.

Here’s my finished panel:

IMG_0446 wtr mrk

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Lotus Blossom

  1. That looks so awesome, I wish this was something I could learn. For some reason when I try I just make a mess along with a few knots. You did a great job!

    • Nikki, don’t give up so easily. This is something everyone can do. The great thing about crochet is that if you mess up, all you have to do is pull the yarn and undo the mistake. Do you live near a local yarn shop? Many of them have staff that can help you. But check back because I’m going to do some tutorials. And thanks for the compliment!

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