Little Bubbles Sweater and Hat (and elephant)

When my good friend announced she was pregnant with her first child a few years ago, I got so excited and scoured the internet for baby sweater, hat, sock, and blanket patterns. In the end, I decided on Knit Picks Little Bubbles. The pattern was free with the purchase of the yarn as a kit. The kit sold out FAST, but now, you can find the pattern for sale in an eBook on the Knit Picks website.

I was so scared to try this, but in the end, after much reading and pondering of the instructions plus the video I found on YouTube, it turned out that the little bubbles color work is EASY! I just started late one night, and by 11:24 pm, I was hooked!

little bubbles watermarked

The pattern came with different two hat options, and I chose this one:

little bubbles hat watermarked

I decided against making the booties (another part of the pattern). Instead, I chose to make a rattle using the elephant pattern in A First Book of Knitting for Children by Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton. I highly recommend this book for teaching children to knit (or if you want to make a few cute animals.

elephant1 watermarked elephant watermarked

To make this into a rattle, I sewed in a small pill box with a button inside. If you do this, make sure your seams are well sewn since you do not want the pill box to come loose as this presents a choking hazard.

My friend had a second baby who is now a little over a year old, and she still wears the hat and sweater.


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