Crochet Hats

Last November, while on Pinterest, I saw this Repeat Crafter Me’s Owl Hat found here. I immediately thought my nieces Ella and Camille would love this hat, and I was itching to get a project started, so after downloading the pattern (it’s free!) I bought Vanna Choice yarn in blue for Ella’s hat and orange for Camille’s.

Below is Ella’s hat.


I couldn’t wait to finish the second hat before I gave Ella hers, and when Camille found out, she immediately requested that I change hers to a bear. I had to do some fiddling with the muzzle. I’m not sure it really does look like a bear, but she loved it.


What do you think?

Once the girls’ friends saw the hats, I became very popular. Here’s what I created using the same basic hat pattern but just changing the details.

IMG_0380  IMG_0361 IMG_0358IMG_0362

My grandnephew asked for the ninja.

These hats were so easy to make. I think it took more time for me to work on the details than it did to work the actual hat.

.IMG_0370 IMG_0371 IMG_0378

The frog hat was one of my favorites.



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