Dark Eden Review

Seven 15-year-olds with crippling fears are sent  the middle of nowhere for a cure with a somewhat evil stranger whereupon they encounter weirdness.  At first the cure appears to be immersion therapy, but it isn’t until the very end you find out the strange paranormal twist about the whole process. The main characters are Will and Marissa.  Will hasn’t left his house in years and his parents with the help of his therapist send him to Fort Eden in order to cure him. Marissa is the only one Will communicates with through out the first part of the book since he has escape and is trying to avoid the cure.

I felt that we could have used a little more background information on the characters, but I liked Will. He seemed like a believable character, smart and clever. Carman did an excellent job putting together the common fears of most teenagers in a spooky setting. There is also an app for your smart phone that should be available. I haven’t tried it, but I have heard that it greatly enhances the book and if you plan on reading the book, a visit to the website  is a must!